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Tim "Bring the Pain" Lane's BTP Training company is changing the martial arts world with a striking system made for reducing pain from punches taken by coaches.



To completely re-think a strategy that will attract our ideal customers.


When Tim came to me, he was advertising his product directly to consumers. The only problem was that 90% of his sales come from his Seminars and it was just a small page on his website. We completely rethought his website and targeted gym owners who would be booking these seminars rather than targeting consumers for direct purchases of his product.


BTP Training has booked 200% more seminars since we changed the website to inform the leads that he really needed. The main component that helped was creating "User Personas" of his ideal customers and then designing his homepage and landing pages to reflect what those personas would be looking for on his website.

200% More Bookings

From The Client

"Colton has done an unbelievable job working with us to develop a quality website strategy. We thank him for sitting and spending many hours with us rethinking everything. He started from ground zero and worked his way up and it worked. We doubled our sales."

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